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Managed Backup

CryptoStorage.Com Managed Backup service is a high performance automated backup service which backs up all your valuable data files across an ADSL, Cable, Wireless or better connection to a remote location. The information is compressed and encrypted before sending and due to the differential backup methods, massive amounts of data can be backed up using the service. For a small monthly fee, you begin with 100Mb of data storage and the system is monitored for you to ensure your backups are being made correctly.

• Backups are automatic - no tapes to change, buy or take home


• Backups are offsite immediately
• Previous versions of all files are maintained for 30 days
• Restoring files, even specific versions of files, is very easy
• A VERY cost effective & proven solution
• Backups are monitored at our Data Center
• Backups can be scheduled to run every hour of every day

CD Archiving

Are you required to hold your data for 6 months, 12 months, maybe 5 years?

No problem, let CryptoStorage.Com take the headache out of managing your data. Archiving your data doesn’t have to be expensive. With our version control system, we can control how many days worth of data are live in your vault, optimizing the space you’re billed for. We can burn your data to CD or DVD and deliver them to you for retention.

Your archived data is never more than a point and click away!




Emergency NAS Restores
Disaster Strikes! You need your data Now!

CryptoStorage.Com is equipped to restore large data sets instantly. On your command, up to 120GB of compressed data can be burned and delivered overnight. Never before has it been easier to react to mission critical situations or loss of data.

Our 24/7 support staff is on call to help when you need it most.


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